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Remove Stubborn Indoor Odors Quickly and Easily

It’s so embarrassing when someone walks into your home or business and asks, “What’s that smell?”. There are many reasons why an unpleasant odor lingers, and they have nothing to do with how often you clean. Once odors have had the chance to permeate deep down where regular cleaning can’t reach, those unpleasant aromas will just hang in the air. In some cases, they can even make the air unhealthy and can become hazardous to your health. If there are lingering odors in your residential or commercial property that will not go away, it’s time to make a call to a professional company who can make them go away – permanently!

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Lone Star State Mitigation is known for our quick and safe odor removal services and are available 24/7, day or night to address your odor problem. Our cleaning service technicians will detect and locate the source that the odor is coming from – whether it’s inside or outside of the property – and will take the steps necessary to thoroughly and properly eradicate it.

Odors We Are Capable of Removing

  • Smoke from a fire
  • Cigarette Smoke
  • Pet Urine
  • Musty or Moldy Odors
  • Skunk Spray
  • Cooking Odors
  • Automobile Odors

Our Odor Removal Process

At Lone Star State Mitigation, we use chlorine dioxide to tackle odor removal. Approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, chlorine dioxide (CL02) destroys odor at its core by getting rid of the particles (in air and on solid surfaces) that cause the odor in the first place.

Chlorine dioxide in vapor form seeks out organic odor molecules and neutralizes them. We use a system that releases gas in the area to be deodorized, then we close off the area. The CLO2 containers release a gas that spreads through all open areas and has a very short life span. This gas has a chemical electrical charge that is opposite of the charge of odor molecules. The two are attracted to one another, and once connected, both are destroyed.

Within a few hours, the molecules dissolve odor molecules or disintegrate. The product leaves behind a very small amount of harmless, biodegradable residue (sodium chloride, or table salt, and water) that is not harmful to pets or people.

In addition to working effectively on eliminating odors, chlorine dioxide eradicates mold after floods, disinfects cold and flu viruses, and destroys pathogens from diseases like Anthrax and Legionnaire.

If your residential or commercial property has an unpleasant odor caused by water, mold, or something else, give Lone Star State Mitigation a call. We’ll help pinpoint the problem and eradicate that unpleasant stink once and for all!


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