Don't Clean Up Hazardous Materials Yourself

Turn to a Wylie, Rockwall & Garland, TX and the surrounding area biohazard & hoarding cleanup company

Blood poses a hazard during cleanup. If not handled correctly, you could risk being infected with bloodborne pathogens, like hepatitis B and HIV. To protect yourself, turn to Lone Star State Mitigation Inc. We offer professional biohazard cleanup services in Wylie, Rockwall & Garland, TX and the surrounding area that will safely remove hazardous materials from the property.

Of course, you can't always see hazardous materials. That's why we offer hoarder cleanup services too. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

When should you get biohazard cleanup services?

If a loved one died at home, you may be wondering if biohazard cleanup services are necessary. Consider calling in instances of:

  • Trauma - When a lot of blood is present, the risk of being infected by bloodborne pathogens is higher.
  • Unattended deaths - Decomposition begins about 24 hours after death, so if the deceased isn't found for a few days or weeks the area will require professional cleanup.

Of course, you may also want to call in instances of hoarding to make sure you don't stumble upon hazardous materials. Contact us today to schedule a biohazard or hoarder cleanup appointment.