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As years go by, air ducts in residential and commercial properties get dirty and in order to avoid future health problems the HVAC systems should be cleaned out. The proper maintenance of air ducts can get overlooked and a simple examination will tell if you need to have them cleaned right away. A properly maintained air duct has the potential to reduce your monthly heating bills and the potential for a fire hazard to start!

Complete HVAC Cleaning

The last thing you want is for the contaminants to be spread throughout the rest of your home or business. If the ducts are not cleaned out properly with a strong vacuum (strong negative air pressure), then that is exactly what will happen, and it will most likely become worse.

Ventilation Cleaner Check

Make sure to hire a professional air duct cleaning company who does the job right – the first time – if you need your AC ducts cleaning to not only remove contaminants but to also improve the indoor air quality of your home or business.

How to tell when your Air Ducts need to be cleaned?

If you’ve noticed any of the following, it’s time to get your air ducts cleaned:

  • Your HVAC system needs a tune up and it is old.
  • A family member or resident of your property has allergies or respiratory problems.
  • You own a pet – pet hairs and dander can get into the system, and be circulated throughout the property.
  • You live in an older home that has decades of circulating dust.
  • Your home has recently been remodeled, resulting in a lot of dust.
  • If you have a pregnant family member in the home as well as if you have an immune deficient family member in the home.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Maintaining a clean dryer vent is essential for preventing a dryer fire and also helps your dryer run more efficiently. Over time, lint and other debris can buildup and block your dryer vent, trapping hot air. This lint is highly flammable and can ignite and spark a fire.

Lone Star State Mitigation can help. We provide professional dryer vent cleaning services, giving you the peace of mind you need. We will check your vent for any blockages and clear any debris that has accumulated in your vent. Contact us today to learn more.

Offering Excellent Service in Air Duct Cleaning

Lone Star State Mitigation has a long history of service excellence and providing the highest quality of work and customer satisfaction with every job that we do. We are fully equipped and ready to lend a helping hand right away.

Lone Star State Mitigation takes the steps and precautions needed to get your air ducts cleaned immediately:

  • We always wear shoe protectors on every job
  • Walls, floors, door jams, doors, and furniture are all cared for
  • We clean up after ourselves and remove all dirt and debris with us
  • We thoroughly clean everything – even the supplies and returns

Lone Star State Mitigation air duct cleaning specialists have cleaned numerous HVAC systems – from residential properties, to office complexes, educational institutes, to medical buildings. Our team is dedicated to doing a complete and thorough job every time that they clean air ducts. Whether we are cleaning the air ducts for the first time or we are doing yearly upkeep cleaning, you can depend on us to get the job done safely and properly. On top of cleaning air ducts we also clean AC vents and inside your air conditioner and heating unit for a thorough HVAC cleaning.

Equipped with the best available equipment and toxic free cleaning solutions, you can put your trust in us knowing that you and your family or employees and business are safe. If your residential or commercial property is in need of air duct cleaning services, we can help you! We make it our priority to offer the most superior air duct cleaning services.

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